Teacher Training Grants


 The following teacher training grants were funded by Excellence in Education: 



Professional Development in Science Instruction with Lawrence Hall of Science - S.Fouchek

The grant request is to fund staff training in science instruction by trainers from Lawrence Hall of Science inBerkeley. The trainers are coming to Tahoe to do the instruction here in our environment. We are asking that this grant be expanded to the other district elementary schools. The grant was issued to Tahoe Lake Elementary, but all district elementary schools participated.

Fully Funded $5,217


Assessment Training - North Tahoe High

The grant request is to fund the conference fees for a conference on Common Core Standards and Assessments. North Tahoe High School is paying for the travel and subs. Five PLC leaders and then the site administrator will be attending.

Fully Funded $3,354



G.L.A.D. (Guided Language Acquisition Design) Staff Training – K.Lynn

The grant request is to fund staff training for GLAD at Tahoe Lake Elementary. GLAD is an instruction model with clear, practical strategies for grades K-8. It promotes positive, effective interactions among students and between teachers and students.

Fully Funded $19,690.00



Secondary Academic Language Tools (SALT) – H. Larson, S. Leatherman

The grant request is to fund Secondary Academic Language Tools (SALT) training and materials for all teachers district wide. The intent of SALT is to provide teachers with tools and skills to make academic text more accessible to all students, including English language learners. 

Fully Funded $5,000.00


DataWise Training – J. Lasher

To fund training for district teachers on Datawise, a software program to aid teachers in data analysis. The District is going to match this funding for a total of $30,410.82.

Fully Funded $15,000.00



6+1 Writing Teacher Strategies and Articulation, K-8 - E. Fahner & J. Lasher

Funding for K-8 teachers to participate in the 6+1 Writing program, which instructs teachers in all domains of writing. This grant will be matched by TTUSD.
Fully Funded $10,000


AP Vertical Team Training S. Walsh, NTMS

Funding for three math teachers to attend AP Vertical Team Training developed by the College Board. This course covers various topic related to creating teams and developing and implementing strategies for strengthening mathematic programs at the elementary, secondary and high school levels.
Fully Funded $2,883.04