Linda Brown Fellows Awards 2000-01

Robyn McCartney of Kings Beach Elementary
Lois Moore of Glenshire Elementary
Vicki Decker
of Sierra Mountain Middle School
Dean Nordby
of North Tahoe Middle School

The 2000-2001 Fellows Program awards were presented to two full time teachers from the elementary grades (K-5), and two full time teachers from the middle school grades (6-8); in each category, one teacher was chosen from the Truckee area and one from the lakeside area. The selection committee was comprised of nine members of the Excellence in Education board of directors who had to make difficult selections from an outstanding field of nominations . Each recipient received a $1,500 cash grant, that they could spend in any way that enhanced student or teacher academics during the 2000-2001 school year.

One nominator wrote "Robyn's love, energy and patience are the seeds that fosters the love of learning". Another wrote she is "a teacher who makes a real difference. truly extraordinary". Of the second fellow winner one nominee wrote "there is no doubt that every student who walks down the graduation aisle at Glenshire Elementary has been touched in a very positive way by Lois Moore. Lois goes "above and beyond to create interesting, exciting and varied programs". Vicki Decker "makes learning fun and demands a lot. What a great combination". "Every day is a new learning adventure if you're lucky enough to be a student is Vicki's classroom." The final fellow recipient Dean Nordby was billed by one nominee as "the coming attraction for the 4th and 5th graders. Who instead of being scared of this transition are excited to begin middle school and the band program." "Much of what Mr. Nordby has as a teacher is plain personality. a unique ability to relate to students with a "flamboyant" sense of humor, while demanding high standards, discipline and musical excellence." These teachers and their contributions to education and our community should inspire us all.

The Tahoe Truckee Excellence in Education Foundation received a total of 41 nominations from throughout the district and wishes to thank and commend the outstanding efforts of all those nominated. From the Truckee side at the Elementary level the nominee's included; Lois Moore, Donald Schmidt, Lynn Akers, Carolyn Keigley, Anna Davis, Nancy Schaeffer and Judy Finney Johnson. From Truckee Middle School level the nominees were: Vicki Decker, Cindy Burau, Sandie Leatherman, and Janice Brittain.

The lakeside nominations from the Elementary level included: Robyn McCartney, Julie Miescke, Kim Lynn, Claire Boyle, Heather Hardy, Danny Brolliar, Toni Rockwell, Lisa Melin and Kathy Tavernier. And last but not least from the lakeside Middle School level: Dean Nordby, Bill Welsh and Dominique Del Chiaro.

These outstanding Linda Brown Fellows were officially recognized on November 16, 2000 at the school board meeting in Truckee.