Linda Brown Fellows Awards 2002-03

Michael Arington, Sierra Mountain Middle School
"Michael Arington has a degree in computer engineering. You will find his classroom is on the cutting edge of technology usage. He tirelessly supports his colleagues through time and tutoring in the area of computer technology and multi-media. He implemented a computerized robotics class." As further written, "He exemplifies the type of teacher that both students and fellow teachers learn from and enjoy."

Linda Bendock, Kings Beach Elementary School
Colleagues of Linda Bendock wrote: "She sets high, yet realistic expectations for each individual student and then instills in them the desire to succeed. She accepts each of her students where they are and then give 150% to get them all where they need to be. As a result, most of her childre make significant gains in reading

Kathy Echols, Glenshire Elementary School
As well as noting Kathy Echols' many accommplishments, this nomination stated "This teacher is to teaching what Meryl Streep is to acting. Both care deeply about their profession. Both are outspoken in their beliefs which humble in regards to their accomplishments. Both put hours of preparation into their work, make make their jobs seem effortless."

Barbara Gordon, Tahoe Lake Elementary School
A parent who volunteered weekly in Barbara Gordon's classroom wrote, "She not only has an extreme amount of energy, enthusiasm and patience, but the practical experience that comes with all those years of teaching." Another parent wrote, "As well as her exemplary teaching, an activity which truly makes the year spent with her a memorable one is her class sleepover. And she undertakes this activity year after year!"

Barbara Robertson, Truckee High School
Barbara and her partner developed a presentation, "Metal Detectors Can't Fix It: solving Core Problems in Racism" which they provided to other school districts in need of solving problems related to racial tension
Another nomination stated," She is almost always in her classroom working with students, during her prep time, during lunch, and after school. She has held many a study session at her home during her off hours "

James Easterbrook, North Tahoe Middle School
It was written of James Easterbrook, "He is compassionate about students and cares about their social/emotional well-being, outside interests and educational needs. He concentrates on the whole child, not just his teaching assignment which he does take seriously. Hismath and science curriculum is comprehensive and fun. His energy is contagious."

Teachers nominated for this round include: Michael Arington, Linda Bendock,Claire Boyle, Heidi Bushway, James Easterbrook, Kathy Echols, Barbara Gordon, Jon Halvorsen, Jim Jackson, Ed Johnson, Sandie Leatherman, Nancy McNair, Jan Mosely, Sasha Neumann,Alice Nicholls, Carol Reed, Erin Robb, Barbara Robertson, Toni Rockwell, Peggy Smith, and Gay Thomas.