Linda Brown Fellows Awards 2003-04

Judy Cwikla, Truckee Elementary
In one of her nominations a parent wrote of Judy Cwikla, "Do you remember that one special teacher who put the words to the music and made it all click for you? Who went the extra milke, took the extra time, gave you the extra explanation that brought it all together? I truly believe that there are hundreds of children in our community that this teacher has done that for."

Jennifer Jurowsky, North Tahoe High School
A student affectionately shared of Jennifer Jurosky, "Our class never has a dull moment; we spend every class using her favorite rule: USE EVERY MINUTE!" She always has something on the agenda that is interesting and brings learning history into new territory. I have seen her at every school game I have attended, proudly wearing blue and white, showing her support for her students."

Sandy Leatherman, Sierra Mountain Middle School
A colleague wrote: "Sandy Leatherman's classroom is a place where students are nurtured, respected and motivated. She maintains an academically rigorous curriculum where studnets are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning. She continually strives for excellence, because she absolutely loves her work.....her colleagues are better teachers because of their association with her. She is the consummate professional."

Julia Lawrence, Truckee Elementary
A volunteer parent with the support of her kindergarten student submitted the following about Julia: "Her commitment to her chosen profession is humbling/ She is the epitome of a kindergarten teacher: part mom, part sherrif and part circus ringleader. She takes each day in stride and her classroom is a place of joy and happiness." It was also written, "Giving kids confidence in their learning is a magical gift that will only build better students and members of society later on. She passes that gift on to her students every day in many ways, big and small"

In addition to the recipients listed above, the other outstanding nominees were: Candy Blesse, Maggie Bockius, Esther Bousquet, Suzie Daily, Chris Driesback, Linda Glynn, Joanne Haddy, Jon Halvorsen, Heather Hardy, Emily Hart, B. J. Hatcher, Gretchen Heneveld, Ed Johnson, Lissa Johnson, Cynthia Lujan, Erin Moretti, Carol Reed and Eric Rohlf.