Linda Brown Fellows Awards 2004-05

The Linda Brown Fellows Award was created to promote and recognize excellence in teaching. This honor is presented to teachers who set their personal expectations high and make learning exciting every day. This year, four recipients were selected from a field of 64 nominations. Of the nominations received, 37 were from parents of students, 5 were from students, 2 were from members of the community and 20 were from colleagues. The award winners each received $2,000 to be used for educational purposes and an additional $500 for personal use.

Vicky Brown, Tahoe Lake Elementary

A parent who volunteers weekly in this teacher’s classroom wrote, “She provides outstanding academic programs, especially in reading and literacy. She has high expectations for each and every child, yet the children do not feel pressured because of her positive and consistent reinforcement.” A colleague stated, “Children come with wings; teachers like Vicky Brown help them learn to fly”.

Judi Johnson Finney, Donner Trails Elementary

The students in Judi’s classroom receive a paycheck every two weeks (play money). Each child is then charged for any missing items, late assignments, messy desk area…. Students are responsible for keeping accurate records and prior to tax time, an accountant (a parent volunteer,) checks their data. An end of the year store is available for expenditure of their savings.” Two fifth grade students shared, “She adds a dash of fun into every subject to make the perfect formula. When we need her she is there in the blink of an eye. When we are hurt she is the school nurse. When something is wrong, she is the principal.”

Cynthia Lujan, Kings Beach Elementary

A colleague wrote, “Her devotion to her students is obvious the minute you walk into her classroom. She has high expectations for her students and holds each student accountable. This is quite a challenge in a Special Day Class. She makes sure that all of her students experience credible success every single day so that they come to believe that they can learn.” Her instructional aide’s nomination stated; “She brings a positive energy to the classroom. Her spirit is infectious. She is an excellent teacher and refuses to “give up” on any student.”

Terrina Woodard, Glenshire Elementary

“She is a leader with a wealth of knowledge that she tirelessly shares with her colleagues and parents. Her willingness to learn more, even with her many years of experience, is refreshing. Her program is always growing and changing to support the current standards while including the always needed depth and creativity of an expert.” Another colleague wrote, “She has the rare ability to touch children’s hearts and minds. Her students never forget her!”


Margaret Abbott, Truckee Elementary
Mark Brady, Truckee High School
Vicky Brown, Tahoe Lake School
Annamarie Cohen, Truckee Elementary
Anna Davis, Truckee Elementary
John Echols, Truckee High School
Judi Johnson, Finney Donner Trail
Joanne Haddy, Glenshire Elementary
Heather Hardy, Tahoe Lake School
Kilty Highfill, Glenshire Elementary
Tara House, Kings Beach Elementary
Lissa Johnson, Glenshire Elementary
Larry Leatherman, Truckee High School
Tom LeFevers, North Tahoe High School
Cynthia Lujan, Kings Beach Elementary
Cathy McClintock, Truckee High School
Erin Moretti, North Tahoe High School
Carol Reed, Glenshire Elementary
Marian Teller, Truckee Elementary
Kim Warren, Truckee Elementary
Diana Whitten, Truckee High School
Terrina Woodard, Glenshire Elementary