Grant Giving Program

Excellence in Education 2015 fall grant cycle has closed. Grants were due Monday, October 26. Funding decisions will be announced by mid-November. Thank you.

The Grant Giving Program is funded by Skiing for Schools, Dining for Schools, Golfing for Schools, Home Tour, and Endowment Fund interest, as well as by corporate and individual donations. Grant requests from teachers are reviewed annually, through a competitive, selective application process. Grant monies support programs that are specifically designed for students: to promote their interest in learning, to give them hands-on learning experiences and to encourage quality academic performance. Students in every school within the District have benefited from these grants.

The Foundation continually seeks to balance our grant giving in three ways: funding at all grade levels; funding at all school sites; and funding for all academic disciplines.

Please click here for the 2015 grant criteria and guidelines.

The basic selection criteria are:

  • The degree of curriculum enhancement in an area of demonstrated need
  • The degree of the project / program that directly engages students
  • The longevity of the project / program without requiring additional funds
  • The number of youth directly / indirectly involved; and,
  • How can the project / program measure its success through objective or subjective means?

Please click here for the 2015 grant timeline and deadlines.

*** Unfortunately our grant portal has been temperamental this cycle. We advise you write your grant in Word, save it and then copy/paste it into the online grant system. If you continue to have problems, please email the Word document version to or your school site liaison by the grant deadline and we will enter it for you. Again, we apologize and we are working to resolve this issue. Thank you.

Beginning in the academic year 1991 - 1992, seven grants were awarded for a total of $7,500.  During the 2014-2015 academic year, the Foundation funded over $260,000 in grants and educator awards. Over the past 25 years, the Foundation has awarded over $2,860,000 in grants to the classrooms and programs of TTUSD.