Star Award

Recognize those who help local students reach for the stars!  

The Star Award recognizes classified employees who... go above and beyond in fulfilling their positions, makes a positive difference, and provides truly outstanding support.


2015-2016 Star Award Recipients

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2015-16 Star Award recipients: Left to right (top row) Catherine Larkins, Alder Creek Middle School; Janine Davies, Transportation;  Lynn Thomas, Alder Creek Middle School; Cattarina Teles, Alder Creek Middle School; Ryan Glenn, Kings Beach Elementary (accepted by Kyle Mohagen) and TTUSD Superintendent, Dr. Rob Leri 

Nominations are reviewed and selected by a committee. Recipients of the Star award (classified staff) each receive a $1,000 personal cash award. The award presentation is made at the TTUSD back to school "convocation" staff event in August.  All nominees, regardless of being selected or not, receive a copy of their nominations. Thank you for taking the time to acknowledge the exceptional educators in our school district.