Star Award - 2010-11

Recognize those who help local students reach for the stars!  

The Star Award recognizes classified employees who... go above and beyond in fulfilling their positions, makes a positive difference, and provides truly outstanding support.


2010-2011 Star Award Recipients




Star Award Recipients (left to right): Rondi Rembert, Donner Trail Elementary; Laurie Adams, North Tahoe Elementary; Brenda Coronado, Glenshire Elementary; Cindy Maciel, SierraHigh School andMargi Englert, Truckee Elementary.


Rondi Rembert, Donner Trail Elementary School

A 15 year TTUSD veteran, Rondi Rembert is a rock-solid para-professional who is a cornerstone of her school. She holds a variety of job titles including -- but not limited to -- instructional aide, nurse, intervention specialist, electrician, author, copy machine technician, cafeteria manager, yard duty, local historian … and secretary.

With such a laundry list of job titles, it’s obvious that Ms. Rembert consistently works beyond her regular duties and hours. When asked why, she simply says the work needs to be done so the children will be successful.


Laurie Adams, North Tahoe School 

A passionate para-professional, Laurie Adams supports the classroom teacher by taking 12-15 students at a time, every day for reading intervention.  In turn, her students’ scores on the CST for Language Arts grew three times higher than their grade level peers.

She has attended numerous trainings, has even enlisted her husband to work in her classroom on weekends, building white boards and shelving to optimize learning centers.  She attends all grade level collaborations at her school to determine how she might best serve the students and teachers, as well as numerous off-site trainings. She bears most of the responsibilities of a classroom teacher with true dedication and a belief that all students can be high achievers.


Brenda Coronado, Glenshire Elementary School

A classroom teacher wrote “speaking of great teachers, this individual is a gift.  She silently has a huge presence and can manage any kid with tact and authority.  She is unbelievably energetic, polite, helpful and just has a knack for knowing what needs to be done with the kids.”

A district employee since 1975, Ms. Coronado developed a psychomotor program for 1st-3rd graders, as well as a morning program designed for working parents. Most recently she spent countless hours of personal time to become a diabetic para-professional. Her willingness to train for this critical and unique position eased the lives of many.


Margi Englert, Truckee Elementary School

One parent said Margi Englert’s presence atTruckee Elementary School “enhances the lives of many students, parents and co-workers.” Whether she is talking to a student, parent or a peer, Ms. Englert always makes that person feel as if they were the most important person in the world. 

Ms. Englert recently made a special difference in the life of a Downs Syndrome child.  According to the child’s mother, Ms. Englert helped the boy to leap forward in all areas of his life. “She unconditionally loved him, believed in his success, included him, respected him and has shown him how to be successful.”